In Puumala, you can participate on a unique cruise on an electric Ecoboat, Finland's first solar-powered tourist boat. Ecoboat is a very comfortable boat with a cabin where you can experience Saimaa with all your senses. Also suitable for children and older people. Your friendly skipper is multitalented Saimaa guide Mr Arto, "the happy finn", who speaks many languages You can read more about Ecoboat here

  • The departure location of the Ecoboat is in early summer 1.5-9.6 in Niinisaari at Okkola's holiday cottages pier, we do Seal tours

  • The departure location in summer 10.6.-31.7. is the market harbor in the center of Puumala

  • The departure location in autumn, 1.8-30.10, is from the pier of Sahanlahti Resort

  • Please note that pets are not allowed on the Ecoboat. Boat has carpeted floors and pets can cause a problem for customers with allergies. Thank you for your understanding!

Welcome on board ! skipper Arto

Open Seal safari in Puumala by Ecoboat from Okkola early summer 1.5-9.6


Private Seal safari by Ecoboat in Puumala (Okkola, early summer 1.5-9.6)


Saimaa Seal Story Cruise by Ecoboat from Puumala center


Charter Saimaa story cruise by Ecoboat from Puumala center


Public open Seal safaris by Ecoboat from Puumala harbor (summer 10.6-31.7)


Private Seal safari by Ecoboat from Puumala center (summer 10.6-31.7)

From €354.00

Saimaa Geopark picnic cruise charter


Charter saimaa story cruise by ecoboat from Sahanlahti (autumn 1.8.-30.10)



Privat cruise by Ecoboat from Sahanlahti June-July


Private Seal safari from Sahanlahti by Ecoboat (autumn 1.8-30.9)


Public open Seal safari by Ecoboat in Puumala (Sahanlahti autumn 1.8-30.9)


Saimaa Seal Story Cruise by Ecoboat (Sahanlahti)


VIP cruise by ecoboat from Elsanranta villas (autumn 1.8.-30.10)


Wild food cruise by Ecoboat