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From €25.00 / 3 h
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Explore winter in Puumala by trekking skis

Skinbased trekking skis are gliding snowshoes, they combine forest skiing and snow shoe walking. Short, wide and lightly cambered, the new WAP 129 trekking ski is ideally suited for travel through deep snows and dense forests. Its short length makes it highly maneuverable in areas of thick vegetation, while its broad width and improved shovel design offer plenty of float when needed. With composite edges, the WAP is also ideal for use around pets. Providing a super solid platform underfoot, the WAP is great for all users, notably those skishoers who desire maximum stability.

Rental includes

  • OAC 129 WAP skinbased trekking skis with binding (fits 24-38 cm long shoes)

  • TSL Semnoz classic XL adjustable poles

  • Rent online, pickup and return in our self-service depot in Puumala center

  • Instructions sent to your email immediately after booking

How does rental work

  1. You can book equipment for 3 hours or 6 hours or 9 hours or 12 hours.

  2. Book and pay online. You will get immediat confirmation and instructions to your email

  3. Pickup rental equipment after start of rental-time from Puumala center self-service depot, address: Niementie 3, 52200 Puumala (Veeransauna, light blue building close to the bridge). One hour before start of your rental-time you will get an email with opening-code to the box containing the key to the lock of rental-cabinet. Open the door and take ONLY the equipment that you have booked. Lock the door by key and put the key back in the box. Change the code of the box to 0000. Do not let anybody else get into the cabinet. Make sure that cabinet is locked before leaving

  4. Enjoy winter and use of rental equipments

  5. You are responsible for the rental equipment and must return it in good condition. If the equipment breaks or is lost while you are using it, notify us immediately and we will agree on compensation according to the rental conditions (email sales@lakelandgte.fi/ phone 0400966800 / Whatsapp 0400966800).

  6. Return the rental equipment before the end of the rental period at the same place, well cleaned. NOTE, remember to be on time, because the next renter may already be waiting for the equipment. A delay fee of €5 per starting 15 minutes will be charged from you

Rental conditions
The equipment to be rented must be returned in the same condition as it was when rented. Check the equipment before renting it and report any problems immediately before you take the equipment out of storage, so that we know who is responsible for any defects.

The renter is responsible for the rented equipment throughout the rental period and is obliged to compensate for all damages caused to the equipment according to the realized repair costs or the new purchase price. If the equipment is lost or stolen during the rental period, the renter undertakes to compensate LakelandGTE for the replacement price of the lost or stolen equipment.

The renter is responsible for himself and for the damages he causes, and ensures that he has valid insurance for himself and for possible damages to others. The renter undertakes to follow the safety instructions and to be careful and careful and to take the conditions into account when using the rental equipment. Snowshoes and skis may only be used in sufficiently thick clean snow. Rental equipment must not be handed over to children without the immediate and constant supervision of an adult!


By renting the equipment, the renter accepts these conditions and releases LakelandGTE from all responsibility in the event of an accident.